Preventative Dentistry

Maintain Your Oral Health

At Accolade Dental, we believe that preventing dental issues is the best way to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

We offer a prevention package that includes:

  • Comprehensive consultation with our dentist – includes Oral Cancer check
  • Diagnostic X-rays (if required)
  • Photos
  • Removal of calculus buildup and gum check
  • Fluoride Treatment to protect teeth
  • Oral hygiene Instructions- review of Home Brushing and Flossing habits
  • Diet Analysis (if required)

A comprehensive dental exam and regular hygiene appointments are essential to maintain your oral health over the long term.

We understand that every patient is unique, which is why we develop personalised treatment plans tailored to your individual needs. Our friendly and experienced team will take the time to answer any questions you may have and provide the information and education you need to make informed decisions about your dental care.

Our hygiene package costs $169 or is GAP FREE with extras cover.
Package valued at $399. Call us on 0410059928 to book an appointment.

Our Preventative Dental Services


Professional dental cleans are performed with our friendly Oral Hygienist. Your clean will include removal of calculus and plaque and the polishing of your teeth. Without a regular clear, plaque and calculus build up result in cavities, gum disease, or bad breath.


Dental examinations are conducted by our highly skilled dentist at every visit. A comprehensive examination will be essential to detect oral cancer, gum disease or tooth decay before they become major issues. These exams assist to locate any issues early on and help to preserve your Oral health and unique smile.

X-rays and Photos

With our state-of-the-art dental equipment, x-rays and photographs will be taken at initial check-ups to provide a baseline and provide invaluable information. Our dentists and hygienists will use these tools to diagnose dental abnormalities and provide the best treatment for you safely and accurately.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is the most effective agent to prevent tooth decay, gum sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel. Through our hygiene appointments, a fluoride foam and prophy paste will be used.

Home Care

To maintain your healthy smile, our hygienists will review your home brushing and flossing habits and provide advice to maximise your dental routine at home. It will include dietary advice if required, and each patient with receive a take-home pack.


If necessary, our qualified oral hygienist or dental therapist will apply a thin coating to your teeth. These fissure seals prevent dental decay and protect your teeth.

In addition to preventative treatments, we offer general dentistry services to address any dental issues that do arise. Our goal is to provide the most conservative treatment possible to maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

We’re committed to helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for life. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.


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